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adidas originalals smith green
Autor: Jacquelineee @ 2018-09-30, 08:45
Adidas oferował wysoce pomysłowe buty do ćwiczeń sercowo-naczyniowych z nazwą firmy narodu. Aplikacja może przynieść z wielu ludzi, a nawet fanatyków, że adidas stan smith mens, buty adiPURE trenerem psa, CLIMA Nowe wydanie Ful buty, CLIMA Mood, Nothing Heritage, Best, h2o tech trener psa,. . .. Uczestnicy weselni Buty Adidas zostały starannie wyprodukowane, aby obniżyć wszelkie określone kursy zaprojektowane pod kątem możliwości, a nawet zdolności.

Możesz zdobyć kilka systemów, a to jest już zakup butów adidasa. Możesz na przykład zdobyć potężne wydanie Adidasa i mieć możliwość obejrzenia aplikacji, aby uzyskać konkretny efekt. Jest to potwierdzone, musisz ocenić na stronie internetowej w Adidas na dodatek, biorąc pod uwagę, że pomoże ci to zrozumieć, aby wybrać z wart wspomnieć buty ostatnich w zlokalizowanych witrynach. Możesz dostać sporo wirtualnych sklepów, które dostarczają ogłoszenia prasowe w adidas stan smith white. W wyniku sprawdzenia optymalizacji pod kątem wyszukiwarek można rzeczywiście uzyskać wiele z tych stron. Wyróżniające się strony internetowe zawierają wyraźne cytaty i dają wyjątkowe możliwości. Strony z najsilniejszymi klientami to bez wątpienia godzina 18.00. Bezzałogowy znany jest z całego szeregu butów Adidas Stan Kirkland, a ponadto są one regularnie tańsze, a nie wiele innych. Co więcej, ten URL zapewnia wyjątkowe możliwości, a nawet obniżki stawek zbliżają się do 75%.

Zwykłe strony internetowe zawierają pozytywne zalety, które pomagają ci w wirtualnych sklepach. Gdy zamawiasz buty w zwykłych butach i butach, łatwo jest spojrzeć na własne możliwości, załączyć aplikację, powinieneś wypróbować ją i być w stanie wymyślić, aby zamówić aplikację, a nawet nie zapłacić za aplikacja, możesz łatwo pobrać aplikację. Nie ma potrzeby trzymać się z daleka, dopóki nowe buty Adidas nie będą dostępne w twoim domu. Możesz je teraz zdobyć, ponieważ masz fundusze dla nich wszystkich. Wiele z nich to zwykłe witryny obuwia i butów. Kilka osób, które s...

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Nike air force 1 pas cher noir
Autor: demonriguez @ 2018-08-14, 04:03
to [b][i][u]nike air force 1 suede femme pas cher [/u][/i][/b] being a staple in many a rotation in a pretty short time.As adidas continues to push the revived Equipment line, the model is allowed to get further and further from its original suede and mesh materials. Images via Titoloby Brendan DunneSince the Star Wars franchise is gearing back up in 2015 with a seventh film, it's only right that the Star Wars x adidas partnership be rekindled.The adidas ZX Flux is one of the sneakers that will be picking up on themes from the film this year. 29.Nike LeBron 12 EXT "Tennis Ball"Release Date: 08/29/15Color: Volt/Volt-White BlackStyle #: 748861-700Price: $250UPDATE 8/25: Official images on the "Tennis Ball" Nike LeBron 12s.UPDATE 8/15: A first look at the upcoming "Tennis Ball" Nike LeBron 12 EXT, which is set to release on Friday, Aug. With the ubiquitous nature of blogs like the one you're reading, it's effortless to be aware of every release that's coming or came out in the past few years. People used to wearing old-school shoes will probably like this because the Zoom Generation will feel familiar, but those accustomed to the level of midfoot support provided by most modern-day athletic shoes may find this a bit disconcerting. Among several new features being promoted by Apple, the iPhone 4 will introduce a front-facing camera that could be used for video chatting and Web conferencing.

We've seen it in a wide variety of colors and materials over the years, and this new version offers some of the most loud variations yet.The upper featues a micro-checkered pattern, while its signature straps have been given a chrome effect. Patterns on the tongue, swoosh and heel counter nicely disrupt the monotonous color scheme.The Nike LunarGlide+ 4 NRG in Black / Black is available now at [b][i][u]nike air force 1 upstep pas cher [/u][/i][/b] select Nike Sportswear accounts, including online at End Clothing. Once again 3M ACG branding is seen th...

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Salomon calidad general este zapato neutral decepcionó
Autor: LindaManuel @ 2017-10-17, 03:49
Enoremes salomon zapatillas hombre consideraron que funcionaba fuente manera responsable en los senderos y que efectivamente era capaz de descubrir un servicio confiable, aún cuando se exponía some sort of diferentes tipos de condiciones climáticas. La calidad standard de este zapato simple no decepcionó a los corredores de pista. Not buen número de corredores y senderistas encuentran o qual el Speedcross 4 se había muy cómodo. La tensión es un monstruo en lodo, nieve e incluso en condiciones húmedas, según la mayoría fuente las críticas. Tiene comentarios de tierra decentes, basados en las observaciones fuente varios usuarios. El montante es considerado por enoremes y vale la asociación el rendimiento y chicago durabilidad.

Hay varias opciones salomon xa pro 3d gtx hombre de color para optar. El sistema Quicklace logra que la cincha water fácil y muy ventajoso. La malla anti-escombros elimina fácilmente la suciedad ymca los desechos de la trayectoria. Es más ligero o qual el modelo anterior. Not puñado observó que chicago suela exterior de la cuarta versión del Speedcross se había significativamente más duradera o qual la versión anterior. Muchos corredores dieron la bienvenida a la caja de puntera más redondeada para sobrepujar la comodidad y chicago extensión del dedo il pie. Un gran show de corredores elogiaron chicago funda interna Endofit, puesto que envuelve el pie minus comodidad, mientras que algunas superposiciones Sensifit brindan fundamento y una mejor precisión en el ajuste.

Crecimiento salomon speedcross 4 baratas de un par fuente probadores de desgaste caso sorprendieron por la capacidad fuente respuesta y un calle bastante ágil para not zapato tan fornido. El siguiente Salomon Speedcross 4 se había algo que muchas hordas de fanáticos de la serie estarán muy familiarizados minus. Todavía existe esa tensión loca en casi las mas comunes superficies, pero con chicago durabilidad adicional en la cuero para que coincida con su rendimiento. Es ba...

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materials used in this season
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:50
The coach is known as one of the few high-quality American leather goods brand. They offer beautiful, high quality leather and signature jacquard and a number of similar equipment [b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b] , and moody keys, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, belts, handbags, and rain gear in limited Coach began in the 1960s did the designer Bonnie Cash's handbags functional, beautiful, bright and modern. The first coach [b]Red Sole Shoess[/b] were some of the most beautiful colors of accessories, and they are lined with linen. The company started in Manhattan and grew rapidly in New York City.
There are many false purses [b]Red Bottom Heels[/b] available, and there is no simple way to distinguish from the original. Coach to maintain the high quality of their beautiful skin tissues and sew, and a lifetime warranty on their products. It is also to coach a small silver toggle closure was told Cash, inspired by the latch of the convertible top. [b]Louboutins Outlets[/b] manufactures a wide variety of cases, such as the perennial favorite ever re-born died in a small gallery tote handle and structured, a small bag of girls prefer. Each season has a patchwork approach, [b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b] using all the materials used in this season together. They are a very limited edition.
The instructor is strong support for their products, it is a lifetime warranty on all work, if something breaks or fails, you are entitled to a new bag. They are also a sign of social status, and treatment is free from [b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] . The coach made a huge profit to support the outsourcing of work in the Dominican Republic and China, which means that the benefits are usually the best [b]Coach Outlet[/b] , unlike some people low cost labor ethics of the hand instead of passing savings to its customers, with or without their profits to the workers more....

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T-pen for each bus
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:49
Sports memorabilia is a great way to both your support for your favorite team and a room to decorate. A sports][b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b] can be framed and hung on the wall, not only as a means of decoration but also as a means to the][b]Red Sole Shoess[/b] itself. You can always have a jumper to get it framed by professionals, but you can also create your own shirts. Here are some tips on how to properly display a sports][b]Red Bottom Heels[/b].
Give your sports jersey in a poster frame. For starters, the title screen, with the glass. Opening the rear side of the poster frame. Pull on the poster board and set it aside. Lay the sweater flat with the side you want to show down. Place the poster board on the][b]Louboutins Outlets[/b]. with a little extra sweater on top and the bottom. The sleeves are displayed on the sides of the plate.
Stop the sleeve of the][b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b] sporting the poster board. Subsequently, pin, which at the rear of the poster board with a T-pen for each bus. Pin the sweater on the back of the poster][b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] board with the other four spins. Folding the top edge of the jacket on the board, and a T-pen at both ends to be held on the back of the cardboard. Repeat the process at the bottom of the sweater][b]Coach Outlet[/b] insurance. Contact poster remind sweater and put it back in the frame with the sweater on the glass and do not forget you. Take the poster board back into place. Turn the frame and check that the sweater looks good. If adjustments are then made free from poster board and pull the sweater, if necessary, remove any wrinkles or right, turn the card back.

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the ends of the shirt shows
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:47
Make sure you have an authentic piece of sports memorabilia buy and buy a fake when the next NBA [b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b] . Buy in Jersey unauthorized and authorized dealers NBA could end up with counterfeit products, which is either a fake or a copy of the current [b]Red Sole Shoess[/b] . Authentic NBA jersey of the road to learn how the difference between real and fake NBA jersey recognize if you are looking to buy or on the Internet auction, the military trade or private seller. Check the prices before buying again, and NBA [b]Red Bottom Heels[/b] . Since February 2011, authentic NBA jerseys pay $ 200 to $ 300 range. Kits are sold as "new", and the price is $ 35 per $ 100 or less likely fakes and copies. Take the shirt and run your fingers into the material. Feel the inside and outside [b]Louboutins Outlets[/b] . Actual jersey feels smooth because it is a material made of polyester mesh or counterfeit T-shirts, or a prickly feeling, because it is made of less expensive materials. Search for strings or from the ends of the shirt shows lower quality than that of the authentic NBA [b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b] . Check the seams on the NBA logo patch on the upper left of the chest. NBA logo with colorful layers of embroidery jerseys.The authentic NBA logo on the shirts are fake sewn or embroidered patch applied warm. See the [b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] sleeves. Team logo patch sewn on the sleeves, in comparison with the original T-shirts were embroidered on the fakes. Name and number of patches of twill and embroidered or heat applied to the authentic [b]Coach Outlet[/b] , compared with the heat-applied decals as fakes and copies. To see the sticker on the bottom left of the front of the jersey. Full jersey, just a thin font that the real NBA game against the shirt with large print counterfeit T-shirts. The size and the NBA logo should be the same height and same relationship holds sweaters....

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synthetic leather soles soles
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:47
Prior to the mid-20th century, a century and a man who wore [b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b] made of leather [b]Red Sole Shoess[/b]
Since 1970, rubber, plastics, and plastics are made from petrochemicals clothes. Convenience and accessibility has increased in popularity. However, leather [b]Red Bottom Heels[/b] continue to be important footwear market.People who work standing up for long hours on their feet need shoes for comfortable and healthy. Unlike shoes, plastic, rubber, plastic, leather shoes and breathe to keep feet cool. More sweat, foot infections, athlete's foot and the other should be avoided.
Leather [b]Louboutins Outlets[/b] are cheap. Unlike slippers and shoes synthetic leather soles soles can be replaced by a permanent and fixed. These lugs may correct the last expensive and more efficient than the [b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b] , which must be replaced.Boots and shoes made of synthetic rubber last year in landfills. Leather soles and repair exchange, they are more landfills. And when it's time to remove the leather is a natural, biodegradable products. More than leather [b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] , synthetic, however, petrochemical, creating water and air pollution has brought to socialize.
The skin is formed with a limited possibility to design the plastic lugs, rubber, and these substances have been designed and shaped to close at least a manufacturer wishes.Cobblers are skilled in art making and repairing [b]Coach Outlet[/b] . If more than the leather soles of shoes, he is likely to need for a skilled cobbler cobblers workshop and development of people employed. Designer dress shoes for men and women is made of leather and leather soles, and contributed to the fashion industry...

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upper end of the pipe section
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:46
Some people are attached to their favorite Converse][b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b], and do not want to leave them, even if they do not use them. Instead of sitting in the back of the cabinet can be made from old][b]Red Sole Shoess[/b] Converse will continue in different fashion in the home or garden. They are a good funky or flower-garden project. Put it on the porch steps, more indoors on the windowsill or in your flower garden at one time one's personality and style.
Please fill out toe][b]Red Bottom Heels[/b] with stones or marbles, and they brought down by the weight of a growing plant. The purpose of][b]Louboutins Outlets[/b] and feet on the ground only to comply with the shoe upper end of the pipe section, the toe and upper legs are. Sit down to keep the][b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b] on the wall or other large object, the fingers down the rocks into place. To drive the ball around the bottom of the red hot melt adhesive, plastic cup, and then quickly stuck on the shoe on the floor. Now you can][b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] flat on the ground in a natural position, such as cups to help keep the stones in place.
Pour about an inch of gravel or][b]Coach Outlet[/b] in plastic cup. This drain on your plants. To use the ship's closed or carpet knife 6.8 hole in the second building. Fill the cup of soil and plants or seeds. Place the cup of the other cup such that it rests on the top of the duty of gravel or marble.

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provide the best pressure
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:44
Plate, which covers one of the components,][b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b] soles, or a bond. The only one of the most important part of sports and casual][b]Red Sole Shoess[/b]. The group, which is located under the insole, and in some embodiments, shoe sole production. The density of the materials determine the ability of the foot shock of walking, running, jumping or outdoor sports or consume in use. Some single plate, which extends the shoe soles and heels.
This design makes it more durable][b]Red Bottom Heels[/b] for the sport. Individual rooms are usually made of textured leather or rubber, such as crepe known. The softer the material, the more comfortable][b]Louboutins Outlets[/b], and offers a higher level of protection for your feet. The design of each plate varies in the sport obuvi.Proizvoditeli use their own design for sports like golf, basketball, cycling,][b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b] skating or skiing, which are designed to provide the best pressure caused by activities in the defense.
Some projects include complex foot boards removable, so that put a nail or knife used in the][b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] can be removed or altered at will. Binding of one plate to skate blades or wheels on roller skates, with the main part of the][b]Coach Outlet[/b]. Modern materials like carbon fiber is also used in some high-end shoes for a single disc. Carbon fiber is rotated in a very narrow, and then, together, form a material with high wear resistance and shock-stranded.

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false written Air Jordan
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:43
Air Jordan shoes, basketball probably the most popular ever made. Some people sell it and try to fake [b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b] online or on the road. These shoes can be sold at a price lower house of Jordan shoes, in which it is seductive. People are not familiar with a variety of [b]Red Sole Shoess[/b] Jordan will not be able to distinguish between genuine Know the Air Jordan. Find all draft [b]Red Bottom Heels[/b] , you want to buy. Some people find the "Jumpman", or "23" logo on the shoes of others, such as those made by Reebok. You can even put your logo on a Nike [b]Louboutins Outlets[/b] , Just because Nike shoes because you do not have to assume that the Air Jordan shoes.
To see Jumpman23 Nike's official website (see Resources), each pair of Air Jordan's ever released. Check the "Jumpman" logo. The logo should not be embroidered and painted on [b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b] . If there is a false written Air Jordan. In addition, your thumb on the hand, not the basketball organization represented.
Be careful to shine in [b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] Fake Jordan shoes will dull the color of the entire shoe. This includes the bottom of the shoe. If you can not imagine at the bottom of the shoe, or if the seller you saw at the bottom of the shoe, should be a red flag that the fake Jordan shoes.
Departure day. I know what to say, the next day on a special pair of [b]Coach Outlet[/b] . For example, some Air Jordans publication, the term "Jordan Jumpman", which was written the day, while others will simply say: ". JAM" Hearing this information, you can find a label and fake So to recognize fake Jordan shoes....

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meridians smooth bone Emotion
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:40
Born in the twenties and thirties of the last century, not that it is all over the][b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b] traumata in turbulent times, a small county of northwest Sichuan, my grandfather pulled eight children, step by Hom,][b]Red Sole Shoess[/b] dozens ofcarrier crossing between two loved ones lost, the two never met their loved ones, one is my grandmother, another four of my aunt.
Memories, my grandfather always holding][b]Red Bottom Heels[/b] my hand in the small town shaking you with both Ye Sun reflection precipitation in the sunset. Fifty years old grandfather will stay with my full county find Qiuchan "bait" fiddling with interest of Qiuchan][b]Louboutins Outlets[/b] forbearance Jun, Grandpa looked at the deciduous teeth "giggle" laughter, his sixtieth year, he meridians smooth bone Emotion][b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b] strong arm, he walked in front of his cross drag the vertical pulling hesitation in, he turned around, I smiled.
Elementary school, the role][b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] of the grandfather's mutation, on his way to school shred Wang Chuan "canteen" luxury, Grandpa will be reported to a substantive response, the home is inevitable is not the parents "torture", I also remember the][b]Coach Outlet[/b] habits of the grandfather action: pull up my shirt, composed of touch with my belly full of doubts rhetorical question: "Look, my grandchildren's grandchildren very hungry!" In fact, the belly has long been proud proud uplift.

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surfaces and original color
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:39
Your daughter wants a pair of shiny red][b]Red Bottom Shoes[/b] like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, "but you can not find a pair in the shops. A short time, you can hide some of the purple to an old pair of][b]Red Sole Shoess[/b] and fashion become a little girl to be proud of. Clean your][b]Red Bottom Heels[/b] and let them dry. Fill the shoes with paper or cloth. Cover with newspapers. Divided by the shoe a thin layer of adhesive. Generously sprinkle with red glitter][b]Louboutins Outlets[/b] and everything fell into glue. Set all bits of glitter and shake off excess. Let the shoes dry. Repeat step 3 as the gloss does not adhere well to surfaces and original color][b]Christian Louboutins Outlet[/b], to identify. Allow shoes to dry. The use of red red sequins and other decorations, such as tape, if you want. Use craft glue or rubber cement to attach them. Allow to dry.
Shake the spray to clear polyurethane varnish. Do your][b]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/b] or any other well-ventilated area. Spreading them with a thin layer of transparent varnish. Let the paint dry and spray. If this layer is dry, let your kids along on his heels to see where their magical shoes with you.
Note that if Jordan shoes lean to one side or the other. Fake][b]Coach Outlet[/b] can be done with the base material is heavier on one side so that the other party to the "cave" in the middle of the shoe. This will never happen with the Air Jordans Sale

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more than a quarter inch
Autor: lifeshoes12 @ 2012-02-28, 07:36
Nike Plus you can follow either run or walk the mile to the iPod Nano, iPod Touch (second generation or later) or <a href=""><b>Red Bottom Shoes</b></a> (iPhone 3G, and 4). You can run or walk away in the follow-up visits to the fastest, shortest, the longest time, <a href=""><b>Red Sole Shoess</b></a> and much more. You can also share information with friends on the site of Nike running. If you have a pair of Nike sneakers, shoes, can match the sensor you need to buy. Grasp the back of the left <a href=""><b>Red Bottom Heels</b></a> insoles. Lift the insole, shoe and pull it.
See the center of the shoe insole <a href=""><b>Louboutins Outlets</b></a> if he looks about an inch square piece of footwear is not enough, and there's a hole, which is nothing more than a quarter inch, the Nike sneakers in the Nike Plus allows you to make the most of the players. Let the left <a href=""><b>Christian Louboutins Outlet</b></a>Nike and bring your legs when you wear. Take shoes, so you can see why. Looking at the red oval, which is about half an inch <a href=""><b>Cheap NFL Jerseys</b></a>.long, white Nike tick logo and the Apple logo. If it can be seen at the bottom of the shoe, it has a place where you can put the sensor under the insole Nike Plus ...
Explore the limits of <a href=""><b>Coach Outlet</b></a> for small defects. For example, a small triangle of cloth or teeth) on the side of the shoe. Authentic Jordan shoes made with caution and do not have these signs. If the pattern is not symmetr...

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Szukam kogoś do Sprzątania w apartamencie ?
Autor: gtec @ 2010-06-23, 23:30
Szukam kogoś do obsługi apartamentu. Zakres: sprzątanie, zmiana pościeli, pranie pościeli i ręczników po gościach urlopowych. Apartament w Kościelisku. Obecnie 1 sztuka jednak w przyszłości będzie więcej. Rozmawiałem już z jedną firmą z Zakopanego, jednak cenę, jaką mi podali była, bardzo zaporowa.... Może macie jakieś namiary na osoby prywatne a nie firmy. Nie potrzebuje faktury. mój Tel. 508081088 . OFERTA WAŻNA OD ZARAZ

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Śmietniki w Zakopanem
Autor: adirol1 @ 2009-09-03, 18:43
Witam wsyzstkich obecnzch na Forum.
Chciałbym poruszyć pewną ważną kwestię dotyczącą Zakopanego. Wszyscy którzy choć raz przyjechali do tego miasta na pewno zobaczyli jego unikalny klimat i atmosferę. Jest jednak pewna rzecz która mnie osobiście mocno niepokoi. Jestem osobą która nie śmieci i naprawdę staram się unikać sytuacji w których mogę w jakiś sposób niszczyć środowisko. Co można jednak zrobić kiedy idąc przez miasto od ulicy Kasprowicza do szlaku prowadzącego np. na Giewont żeby wyrzucić nawet drobny papierek muszę zahaczyć o Krupówki, ponieważ tylko tam na dobrą sprawę znajdują się ŚMIETNIKI. Czy tylko ja zauważyłem poważny niedobór koszy na śmieci w tym mieście czy Was też to dręczy. Jeśli tak to piszcie. Może władze miasta coś z tym zrobią. POZDRIWAM.

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IX Majówka Tatrzańska
Autor: Kazio @ 2009-03-22, 19:11
A w maju od 1-3.05 odbędzie się Majówka Tatrzańska. Miałem okazje być w tamtym roku wtedy w zakopanem i imprezka była super, oprócz muzyki regionalnej wystapił zespół BIG CYC

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Dni Zakopanego
Autor: rubi @ 2009-03-18, 11:16
Słyszałam że w Zakopanem są dni Zakopnego, może ktoś wie kiedy w tym roku one wypadają? Mam zamiar wyskoczyć znowu w góry i mysle że może w te dni warto pojechać i przy okazji trochę sie pobawić.

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Wyciąg na Gubałówkę
Autor: majkel @ 2008-11-06, 23:08
Gubałówka (1123 m n.p.m.) - to najbardziej znany szczyt Pasma Gubałowskiego. Tworzące go grzbiety mają wyrównaną wysokość, jednak najwyższym wzniesieniem, które nieznacznie góruje nad otoczeniem jest Butorowy Wierch (1160 m n.p.m.). Będąc w Zakopanem trzeba koniecznie wjechać koleją linowo-terenową na Gubałówkę wybudowaną w 1938 roku, w ciągu pięciu miesięcy przez Ligę Popierania Turystyki. Do stacji dolnej można dojść bezpośrednio z głównego pasażu zakopiańskiego - Krupówek lub dojechać do parkingu usytuowanego przy placu targowym. Obecnie nowoczesny wagonik z przeszklonym dachem umożliwia, w miarę jak kolej pnie się do góry, podziwianie wspaniale widocznego piętrowego układu roślinności tatrzańskiej wraz ze szczytami najwyższych gór w Polsce. W układzie topograficznym pomaga zorientować się mapa panoramiczna, umieszczona na górnej stacji kolei.

znalazlem tutaj:,menu,pol,lato,0,0,1427,kolej_linowo-terenowa_guba����wka,ant.html

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galeria zdjęc z zakopca
Autor: majkel @ 2008-11-06, 23:06
jak ktoś ma ochote to tutaj można wrzucic wlasne fotki z zakopanego:

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Sylwester w Zakopanem
Autor: majkel @ 2008-11-06, 22:57
Tegoroczny zakopiański Sylwester jak co roku odbędzie się na Krupówkach.

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