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An architect is often an ex-developer who brings together the pieces of architecture for all aspects of the system and then communicates the architecture to the stakeholders. There are many function of an architect, but we can summarize these functions within few words such as proposal work, design, realization, validation [url=]Cheap Neymar Jersey[/url] , presentation, report and management. A good architect provides a development team with all of the tools or software they need to put together a great system. The software architect concept started when object oriented programming was increasing its use in all over the world.

The main responsibilities of the software architect include limiting choice available during development by creating, choosing an application framework for the application and recognizing potential reuse in the organization or application by observing and understanding the broader system environment. They can also subdivide a complex application during the deign phrase into more manageable pieces. Architect in Dublin can easily understand the interactions and dependencies among components. They communicate these concepts to the developers. In order to perform all these responsibilities effectively, they use tools or standardized model and symbol and OOP to represent systems outcome.

Architects in Dublin make high-level design choices instead of low-level. They may also be engaged in the design of the architecture of the hardware environment and focus entirely on the design methodology of the code as well. They should communicate effectively not only to understand the business needs, but also to advance their own architectural vision. They can do all these things verbally [url=]Cheap Maxwell Jersey[/url] , in writing and through different types of software architectural models.

Enterprise Architect is other types of IT related Architect. This type of architects handles the interaction between the business and IT sides of an organization. They work with stakeholder to build a holistic view of the organization strategy, process, information and information technology assets. The main role of these architects is to take this knowledge and ensure that business and IT are in alignment. They operate across organization and computing to drive common approaches and expose information assets and processes across the enterprise. They are like city planner because they provide the road-map and regulation that a city uses to manage its growth.

There are many responsibilities of enterprise architect like software architects such as alignment of IT strategy and planning with organization's goal, optimization of information management approaches, long-term strategic responsibilities [url=]Cheap Marquinhos Jersey[/url] , management of all the risks, and last, but not the least direct or indirect involvement in the development of polices and guidelines.

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