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Nick Bosa Jersey White
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Bad draft picks cause riots with fanbases [url=]Nick Bosa Jersey White[/url] , but good draft picks feel oh, so great. One pick we’ll be happy getting used to getting accolades is the San Francisco 49ers’ first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, tackle Mike McGlinchey. A pick who won ESPN’s NFC West Rookie of the year. 49ers reporter Nick Wagoner broke things down: McGlinchey has been a reason the 49ers run game has had so much success with so many different running backs. The one thing to consider in terms of the award is what he was up against. This isn’t NFL rookie of the year, this award is contained to the NFC West and the competition is lacking with rookies.If you’re looking at just first round picks, the Seattle Seahawks took running back Rashaad Penny towards the end of the first round. A pick that turned out decent, averaging 4.9 yards per carry, but was second fiddle at-best on the depth chart to the likes of Chris Carson. The Arizona Cardinals traded up for quarterback Josh Rosen, but there wasn’t much in terms of immediate impact felt. What was felt were the 45 sacks the rookie took thanks to an offensive line with so many holes a Swiss cheese would be envious. The Cardinals had huge problems on offense as a whole, and it’d be unfair and a bit too quick to point at the quarterback for the source of them. And the Los Angeles Rams? Well they didn’t even get a pick in the first round thanks to the Brandin Cooks trade.All that said, McGlinchey has neck in neck with Indianapolis Colts guard Quenton Nelson for the title of best offensive lineman from the 2018 draft. Nelson had an edge in pass blocking but McGlinchey’s run block all but made up for it. It’s safe to say the 49ers weren’t going to get their hands on Nelson given his positioning anyways. Still, McGlinchey’s pass blocking hasn’t been anything atrocious, rather something he needs to work on. Not to mention his numbers took a dip due to the elite level of competition he was up against in 2018. There were whiffs, but him going against those pass rushers may work out for the best in the long run. It isn’t just ESPN. At one point, McGlinchey was considered a dark horse for NFL rookie of the year. It’s doubtful that would happen, but when expand from just the NFC West and see McGlinchey is at least in the conversation, you know this isn’t just from lack of competition. If he can get the pass blocking figured out, and there’s no doubt yet he can, the 49ers will have an anchor and a great leader for the locker room once Joe Staley hangs it up. It only takes one great start to get the hype train (and t-shirt production) going. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens was wildly impressive in his debut against the Oakland Raiders, and will make his second start this Monday against the New York Giants.Given the Thursday nature of Mullens debut [url=]Laken Tomlinson Jersey[/url] , the 49ers had fewer media obligations shortly after the game. They returned to practice this week, and we’ve heard from Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch about Mullens’ debut. And naturally, the origin story has been playing big this week in the media.Quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello has been getting a lot of press for his work in championing Mullens to Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. On Friday, Lynch was on KNBR offering more context into how the 49ers came across Mullens. He said regional scout Darrell Moody first noticed Mullens, and “really took a liking to Nick.” Moody is in his fourth season with the 49ers, and was retained by John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan when they took over the football operation in early 2017.After taking over, Lynch and Shanahan worked together, with the coaches and scouts sorting through what they liked and wanted in building the roster. Scangarello was breaking down quarterbacks and took a liking to Mullens as well. Matt Barrows put together a great feature breaking down how Scangarello first really noticed Mullens while breaking down film of other players from the East-West Shrine Game practices.During his Friday KNBR interview, Lynch went into detail about where things went from there.It’s only been one game, but expectations have quickly grown for Mullens. He faces a bad Giants squad this week, and depending on his performance, would face a bad Bucs defense in Week 12. He has a chance to build some serious momentum before reaching a closing stretch that includes the Seahawks, Broncos, Seahawks, Bears, and Rams.That’s going to tell us something, and if he finds some success over these final seven weeks, the origin story is going to increase all the more!
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