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Lorenzo Cain Jersey
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The problem with this alphabetical solution (I am also guilty as charged) is that we tend to add this development solution to the top of our page so that our visitors and possibly search engines can find these extra categories easily. << This is probably hurting your results in many ways.

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Making sure that you target the right industries and the right locations could be crucial for the success of your web directory.

I hope this article helps you out!

Looking at various news articles and comments on the web in the last month it would appear that;

* UK employers are about to be hit by a massive skills shortage!

* The job market is bound for massive expansion as companies and organisations take the dust covers off their delayed investments in new IT systems and regulatory adherence demands change!

* The general consensus would appear to be that this skills shortage will convert into pay increases and a general scramble as organisations look to secure the services of the best permanent and freelance consultants!

So, the assumption is that we can all look forward to higher salaries and day rates as this year progresses?

Our experience so far this year would suggest;

* The number of available skilled programme and project management professionals is reducing.

* Employers are not yet cognoscente to the fact that there may be a shortage on the horizon.

* Rates are still pretty level and not inflationary

So if it's to become a high demand time, what does it mean to you as project management professionals?

* Ability to pick and choose the projects you want to work on?

* More attractive day rates salaries?

* Better length of contract and commitment from clients employers?

* Confidence to leave that job you have been secure in during the tough times of the last three years?

We are intrigue to understand if this is fact or hype and will be keeping a very close eye on where the market is moving so that we can not only get the best opportunities for our candidates but also keep our clients updated. If this move turns out to be fact then businesses will need to be on the ball as they move through 2005 if they are going to have the right staff to meet their plans.

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